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Byzance d'Escolina joined her new family!

Le 03/04/2015, dans la catégorie Divers


    Byzance d'Escolina (IAI), mare born at the stud 4 years ago from Ordeiro ( LC) & Escola ( LF) out of Quilate ( MV) joined her new family in Champagne ( France) as leisure horse. We wish them all the best in their future..

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Birth timing, season 2015!

Le 02/03/2015, dans la catégorie Divers


Less than one month of patience for our first foal birth! Six births planned this year at the stud with two mains news: the arriving of two foals from the recommended brazilian stallion Vencedor do Retiro and the very expected foal from Xiça ( SOM), mare recently acquired by the stud. Quick summary of our birth..

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Isabel Amorin, just graduated!

Le 27/02/2015, dans la catégorie Divers


***Congratulations to Isabel Amorin, just graduaded from the Haras du Pin ( Normandy), where she earned a equine inseminator diploma! This very good news will be a starting point for our new project: a equine insemination center specialized in top iberian quality horses***

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Le 27/12/2014, dans la catégorie Divers


***We wish you a happy new year 2015***


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Sinfonia d'Escolina ( IAI) in Belgium!

Le 23/12/2014, dans la catégorie Divers


Today we had some news from Sinfonia d'Escolina ( IAI), mare born at the stud 8 years ago by Fado de Courenne ( PD) & Orquidea ( JSP) out of Genio ( HDP). Today in Belgium with her lucky owner & rider!


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Jarra do Elar now entire property of our stud!

Le 01/11/2014, dans la catégorie Divers


***We are very proud to announce that Jarra do Elar will be soon entire property of our stud***

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Vittoria d'Escolina ( IAI) appoved!

Le 17/10/2014, dans la catégorie Divers


***Vittoria d'Escolina ( IAI), 5 years old, 1m63, mare born at the studfarm from Kazan du Coussoul ( SCV) & Soberba ( PB) out of Conspirado ( PB), has been approved yesterday with 73 Points. She'll integrate into our group of mare for the next season***


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Le 04/09/2014, dans la catégorie Divers


Many spectators attented to the private wieving of " Lusitanians", photo expo by Tristan Jeanne Valès in Caen, St Sauveur church. This project saw the light few months ago with the association " Phénix Partenaires" and enabled to stage our lusitano thanks to the talent of Tristan Jeanne-Valès and the poet Claude Louis Combet. An expo not to miss, until the 10 of spetember!


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Mission accomplished for the St ELoy team, the last foal of the year is born!

Le 04/09/2014, dans la catégorie Divers



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Lusitano Horse presentation in the Saint Lô National Stud!

Le 11/08/2014, dans la catégorie Divers

On Thursady, august, 7th, "Les Lusitaniens de St Eloy"  were delighted to run a Lusitano breed presentation at the Saint-Lô National Stud in the superb main court-yard. Pictures illustrating this first edition..

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